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Soul Writing: Conversing with Your Higher Self 
by Joanne Dimaggio

For those who want to tap into inner guidance and the eternal quest for self-discovery this is a clear, inspiring, and lucid explanation of exactly how to do it.
   —Paul Rademacher, author of A Spiritual Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe

When faced with life’s big questions, we often find ourselves wishing for a guidebook, a manual to help us through the important decisions. But as Joanne DiMaggio so clearly points out, we do have access to all the answers we need. The process of connecting to the sacred wisdom within us—that part of us that has our answers—is always available through a technique called inspirational writing, or “soul writing.”

Soul writing is a gift that God tucked into our backpacks when we made our journey to Earth. It is our toll-free, phone-home card that has no limits and no expiration date. For me, it is a never-ending source of wisdom and joy, because I know guidance is always available, no matter what my mood may be, no matter what time of day, no matter where I am.
                                                                                                                                                                          —from the introduction

Joanne is an inspired teacher, drawing upon her own experiences and her knowledge of the Edgar Cayce readings to inform and support the quest for self-discovery. With clear instructions on the soul writing process, examples of others’ experiences, and information on how to expand this process into other areas of your life, Soul Writing is the ultimate guidebook to access that deep knowing each of us holds within.

At some point in time, we are all looking for answers. Soul Writing shows you that the answers are there—just waiting for you to slow down, open your heart, and ask!

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Spirit Song is a line of greeting cards written by Joanne DiMaggio using soul writing. Each card is designed to uplift body, mind and spirit, harmoniously blending black & white nature photography and self-empowering messages. These cards are produced on exceptional quality paper that visually portrays the verse, elevating the cards to more of a fine art piece than a casual greeting card. This marriage of photo and verse is one of the unique aspects of the cards. The nature scenes and outside quotation set up a mood which blossoms on the inside with one of Joanne DiMaggio’s original verses written through inspirational writing. Because of the profound verse and artistically inspired photographs, those seeking a more spiritual, universal message when conveying sympathy, joy, encouragement or friendships truly appreciate these cards. Order them individually or get a packet of five containing either one of each card, or five of one card.

$1.95 each (includes shipping & handling)
$8.75 Packet of five (includes shipping & handling) 

Five Card Packet of Spirit Song Greeting Cards